U.S. Clips

Procedural (US) - In Control Genius
Sitcom (US) - Bewildered Brother
Drama (US) - Sassy CEO
Comedy (US) - Excitable Fashionista
Drama (US) - Psychotic Lover
Comedy (US) - Matter of Fact Bartender
Drama (US) - Suspicious Out Of Towner
Procedural (US) - Double Crossed Broker
Drama (US) - Flirty No Commitment Guy
RomCom (US) - Encouraging Best Friend
Procedural (US) - Inexperienced Law Student
Sitcom (US) - Useless Gay Friend
Procedural Law (US) - In Trouble Detective
Comedy (US) - Neurotic Hostage
Drama (US) - Betrayed Prisoner
Sitcom (US) - Confused Nerd
Drama (US) - Tough Love Psychiatrist
Comedy (US) - Frustrated Friend
Procedural (US) - Cautious Detective
Sitcom (US) - Corporate
Drama (US) - Best Friend
Comedy (US) - Frenemy
Drama (US) - Detective Husband
RomCom (US) - Boyfriend Dumping
Drama (US) - Drug Dealer
Comedy (US) - Educating Acquaintance